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Jordi Paraire

Minsait, Indra

Borja Gómez

Paradigma Digital

Building Blockchain applications in Ethereum-like and Hyperledger networks


The goal of the training course is to learn how to work with two radically different approaches to the blockchain, the ‘traditional’ ethereum approach, and another approach directly oriented to to a business-centric. In the first part of the training course, we will build a dApp using a Parity blockchain, programming Solidity smart contracts, deploying them to the blockchain and linking the smart contracts to the dApp dApp application. We will explore certain issues that usually arise when dealing with the development of an application in Blockchain. However the course will be focused on Ethereum-like trainings we will see also to an Hyperledger blockchain, programming smart contracts in Chaincode, deploying them to the blockchain and linking the smart contracts to the dApp application.


· A laptop.
· Your favourite ssh client.
· To be familiarized with Ubuntu 16.04.
· Vi, nano, or whichever text editor you are familiarized with.
· NodeJS will be used, but only basic skills will be needed.
· Good mood 😉

Nature of the training

Blockchain has emerged as an all-purpose decentralized technology based on a distributed consensus, that aims to cover and improve any real-world use case. Beyond the most popular blockchain cryptocurrency use-case, blockchains can be used to execute pieces of code. These are called Smart Contracts that opens a wide variety of options to develop distributed applications running on the top of a blockchain network.
While exploring private use of the blockchain, we may deal with the inefficiency of the Proof of Work consensus. Other options could fit better when deploying a private blockchain, such as Proof of Authority or Proof of Stake, that may lead in a trustworthy consensus, making a better use of the resources.
In this training course we will explore two of the main players in this field. In one hand we will explore Parity, which is positioned as the successor of the ethereum Blockchain, and in the other hand we will explore Hyperledger, which is positioned as the enterprise-ready blockchain.


Big Data Spain will issue the certificate for this course to prove subject matter competency


You are a passionate about technology who wants to understand how blockchain apps work.
You are a decision maker in your company and you have read about how blockchain can transform your business.
You are a developer who wants to start building blockchain applications.

Bio of the instructor - Jordi Paraire

Computer Science Engineer since 2002, transforming buzz words in real-world projects. I began working with grid technologies with a group of entrepreneurs and engineers that aroused my interest for cutting-edge technologies where 'strace' became my best friend. The curiosity led me to the cloud-computing sector where I happily worked in the field for several years. Now, I am working with Emerging Digital Technologies at Minsait, where I am facing new challenges related to blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Bio of the instructor - Borja Gómez

Solutions Architect with wide experience in Integration and Development projects in several sectors, now is the Head of Blockchain Line at Paradigma Digital where he helps customers to introduce Blockchain technologies solving their problems and developing new businesses cases.