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Scaling a data function in a complex organisation

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Wednesday 14th

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13:05 | 14:45

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Theatre 18


Keywords defining the session:

- Lessons

- Scale

- People

Takeaway points of the session:

- Build the foundations as you deliver use cases.

- Bring the rest of the organisation with you in the journey


Four years ago we put in motion a data transformation in Santander UK, creating a new team as a startup inside the organisation.
As the team developed its proposition and demonstrated value, demand grew, more value followed and the area scale. As we delivered value through use cases we created the foundations (technological but also organisational and procedural) to scale and today the data platform in Santander UK is a strategic and mainstream asset.
Reaching this point has been a tough journey with successes and failures of which we have extracted many lessons.
We took many lessons from the wise words of many other practitioners that presented their experiences before us and so now we want to share our experiences to help the next wave of adoption.
Our learnings will focus on team building, organisational change, agile delivery for data, digital methods like test automation and continuous delivery and architectural choices like micro services, streaming or cloud adoption.