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Satellite Imagery: Some of the biggest and most useful data

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Wednesday 14th

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13:20 | 14:00

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Theatre 18


Keywords defining the session:

- Remote sensing

- Machine learning

Takeaway points of the session:

- Remote sensing provides a new an innovate way to bring big data to your business

- Current ML and Big data techniques are relevant to remote sensed data as well


While we have heard and seen all the examples of big data from consumer purchasing, web browsing, mobile phones, and the like – most of the big data world has not investigated one of the original “big data” sources – remote sensed imagery. This talk is all about showing you the types of big data and machine learning you can do with satellites to increase the cost efficiency and timeliness of gathering big data. With satellite imagery not only can you automate covering large geographic areas, but you can also do it rapidly (sometimes multiple times a day) as well with many spectral bands of information. Examples will include new building estimates, inventory in shipping yards, flooded roads, and others. As we go through these examples I will talk to you about how the specifics of satellite imagery enable this unique method of acquiring big data. Finally, I will wrap up by showing how you can take this entire imagery chain and apply machine learning and cloud based tasking to bring near real-time information to your business.