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Powering up financial institutions with distributed systems

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Thursday 15th

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13:50 | 14:30

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Theatre 19


Keywords defining the session:

- Ignite

- Open source

- Finance

Takeaway points of the session:

- Understanding the application of Open Source technology in Finance and the benefits that it can bring


In this presentation, attendees will learn about Apache Ignite and its key capabilities and features important for financial applications, including ACID compliance, SQL compatibility, persistence, replication, security, fault tolerance, fraud detection and more.

We will also review two major use cases of Apache Ignite: as a caching layer in-between applications and a database system to speed up response time and achieve scalability, and as a full-fledged distributed database with its own persistence layer.

Several Apache Ignite deployments in financial services will be also be covered, as well as an architectural deep dive into the deployment at one of the largest Russian and Eastern European Banks.