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Data structures with Avro: is it worth it?

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Wednesday 14th

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11:00 | 11:40

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Theatre 19


Keywords defining the session:

- Data Structures

- Big Data

- Data Governance

Takeaway points of the session:

- How to handle with avro schemas in complex ecosystem

- What type of common problems you will meet on your way to data structures world


Apache Avro, as a data structures definition, is used in our data stack for over two years.
From the time perspective, we see how implementing Avro helped our data ecosystem.
We will discuss integration with various tools from big data world and what is happening on the crossings with the micro services universe.
During the talk there will be also considered a way of extending schema with custom properties. We will also say few words about the integration with public cloud providers.
Whole talk will be flavored with “good practices” and “common pitfalls”.