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An image is worth a thousand words

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Wednesday 14th

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14:50 | 15.30

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Theatre 18


Keywords defining the session:

- CV

- Image processing

- Advanced Analytics

Takeaway points of the session:

- How to manage the industry challenges when applying Artificial Vision technologies

- Capacity of extract meaningful information from images


Artificial Vision has nowadays an enormous potential for transformation in the daily operations of various sectors. However, in order to achieve maximum use and full adoption of this technology, a number of challenges need to be addressed. We will try to explain this challenges that we face in our daily work and provide our vision on how to manage them. In addition, we will define some of the possible application of this technology within different sectors providing some of our successful use cases. In this sense, we will define how we provide the intelligence needed to get accurate and reliable Artificial Vision tools required.
Some of the use cases defined will involve the following sectors:
• Industrial processes
In a production line, for example, a computer vision system can inspect hundreds or even thousands of components per minute, making it possible to easily perceive object details that would otherwise remain undetected by the human eye.
• Environment and energy
Computer Vision systems can be implemented in waste management plants to automatically detect the composition of waste thanks to specific cameras and vision software, and a robotic arm to classify it accordingly. It is also possible to create leakage monitoring systems in power plants to detect, for example, gas leaks invisible to the human eye in combined cycle plants.
• Smart Cities
t is possible to connect Computer Vision systems to existing cameras or to new ones implemented in public transport facilities to automate the collection of information and to prioritize incidents affecting urban furniture or infrastructures (e.g. road maintenance).
• Retail
An outstanding application of Artificial Vision is to automate the stocks and warehouses control processes. It can be achieved by using drones or other devices that have a camera and Computer Vision software.
• Banking and insurance:
Some Computer Vision applications in this sector can be the intelligent management of document flows from scanned images or automatic video monitoring systems.

The introduction of this new technology brings a new way of adding value to companies and institutions, and these listed above are just the first examples of what Artificial Vision can achieve. However, to realize its full potential, the hardware and software must be combined in an optimal way, the image processing techniques must be used appropriately and Computer Vision must be involved with other technologies such as Big Data and GIS.