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Real time decision making in professional football. From description to prescription.

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Wednesday 14th

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11:00 | 11:40

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Theatre 18


Keywords defining the session:

- Real-Time

- Descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analysis

Takeaway points of the session:

- Predict results: The ability to solve problems before they start.

- Economic compensation derived from better sports results, fewer injuries and better choices on players to sign.


In recent decades, the amount of data that has been collected in the world of soccer can provide an understanding of the sport, and carries the extraordinary potential to be better used by teams and companies in the sector.
To make sense of such data and to develop management tools adaptable to each area of work, OLOCIP brings together the most advanced modeling strategies, capable of transforming temporal-space data into transparent statistical models, with a thorough insight to the differential factors of the sport.

In addition, Artificial Intelligence enables a complete and secure analysis based on a more efficient capability that can register, retain and discern the events captured.

In this way, Olocip transparent IA models, not only detect and identify each of the weak points, but also provides instructions in order to maximize the achievement of marked objectives.

Combining scientific rigor, technological innovation and best in class soccer expertise, This is how OLOCIP creates support applications that facilitate and optimize decision making, acting from the descriptive dimension to predictive and prescriptive dimension that optimize the management of soccer clubs and related companies.