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Energizing the Data: building our Data Lane

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Thursday 15th

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16:55 | 17:35

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Theatre 20


Keywords defining the session:


- Data Lake

- Analytics

Takeaway points of the session:

- Data is the new energy giving more value to business use cases

- How to build a valuable, secure and accessible data lake from many different sources.


Most of leading companies in many sectors are nowadays involved in a process of digital transformation. This process involves dealing with large data volumes, generated on many sources, marked by the variety of business areas and diversity in its own structural nature.


To that purpose, this digitalization requires us to apply processes that are scalable and supporting the collection, storage, analysis and exploitation of large volumes of data from many different environments, guaranteeing its value. All this, in an acceptable timeframe and without modifying its original structure and context. All the processes involved must be held in a way that guarantees order, reliability and protection in its persistence through security mechanisms ensuring control over how and who access the  information generated in the analysis and exploitation phase. In this way, data is ensured and should only be accessible by the group or appropriate users according to security policies established in each part of data. Cepsa Digital Transformation team faces the challenge of leading this global transformation in the company. This challenge is even greater, if possible, caused by the multitude of processes involved in energy production and exploitation, being innovative in the sector due to the context of the business scope.


All Cepsa business area processes (oil refining, exploration and production, chemistry, distribution and marketing, trading, electricity, wind farms, service stations and internal departments) are constantly generating data. This is translated into large data volumes coming from many sources, with a multitude of values and that must be persisted in a unique environment in order to support internal projects inherent in this transformation.


Taking into consideration all different business areas, and the most important use cases that have been defined in the company (internally called lanes), we have created a unique data lake. This new “Data Lane” meets security and data governance requirements and turn allows the creation of value in a fast, efficient and transversal way to all internal business areas. All this deployed on the cloud.


Thanks to this digital transformation several projects that are going to emerge in multiple groups of use cases are being supported. These projects will satisfy new needs, improve our processes and detect new opportunities for value creation hitherto unknown, all through the data as the heart of our business. Data is the new energy.