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Advancing Human Exploration

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Wednesday 14th

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10:15 | 10:50

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Theatre 25



We are all explorers. Each of us is continuously exploring the world
on which we live, the lives we have made, and the passage of time. We
collect information about our environment through senses and use our
brain to process that information. That sensory data is our own
highly individualized version of Big Data; that brain processing is
our own highly individualized version of (Artificial) Intelligence.

Exploration is not just climbing a mountain, delving into the deepest
oceans, or discovering a new world, exploration is much more
individual, much more unique, and much more personal. I have chosen
to spend much of my professional life in the exploration of space, by
developing spacecraft to take human beings off of the Earth to explore
the solar system. The increased capabilities that are now possible
are truly wondrous. These capabilities in vehicle control,
navigation, health monitoring, etc. did not exist fifty years ago, or
even ten years ago. The technologies advanced by you are a major

As you participate in the Big Data Spain 2018 Conference over the next
few days, view yourself as an explorer, seeking out new ways to
understand our world, extracting new relationships between the
available data, and accelerating the advancement of the human race.