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Adopt AI in your organization

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Thursday 15th

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14:35 | 15:15

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Theatre 25


Keywords defining the session:

- Platforms to adopt AI in the organization

Takeaway points of the session:

- AI Investment areas

- Example business impact areas


At the end of this session, you will understand where the money is flowing for AI innovations in startups and corporations. You can comprehend future growth areas based on these investments. Areas like Autonomous vehicles, visual recognition and automated augmentation will be the future while corporations are laying their stake for platform leadership. Which platform will win? Tensorflow, AWS Sagemaker, Jupyter etc.

Once we finish examining the landscape, we will explore the various cross-industry use cases including retail where AI impact is over USD 600 Billion. 

Finally, we will bring it home by showing you how to go through the steps for an AI transformation and adopt AI in your business. You will get a detailed look at the various components required for an AI platform and also hear about a few vendors in this space.