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AI: What are the best doing and what your company should be doing to become one of them

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Wednesday 14th

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11:45 | 12:25

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Theatre 25



We are all used to hear about the state of the art in Artificial Intelligence, in the form of research efforts, visions of a bright future, spectacular proof of concepts or academic talks with little connection to real businesses. This misleads many companies making them think that artificial intelligence is still in an immature stage and that they have plenty of time until their competitors start using it to get ahead of them.

In this talk, we will fight this false perception presenting some of the top real-world applications of artificial intelligence in real-world companies which are really redefining the industry and changing traditional businesses forever.

Furthermore, we will talk about how to overcome the challenges that most companies face to do the same and really apply artificial intelligence to their particular business. We will see how technology should be by far the least of their worries, and we will talk about the real issues they should be addressed – sooner rather than later.