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Irene Gonzálvez

Product Manager


Irene holds an Electrical Engineering Master degree from the Technical University of Madrid, Spain, as well as a Masters of Science in Wireless Systems from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. She has worked for 10+ years in several technology companies, from well-established enterprises to fast-growing firms, where she has held various positions combining her highly technical expertise with group leadership. Living in Spain, Sweden, and Thailand has given her the opportunity to get a wider overview of new cultures as well as a deeper knowledge in different ways of working.

She currently works as a Product Manager at Spotify in Stockholm where she was responsible for all the data infrastructure that was built to make Spotify compliant with GDPR. In addition to her extensive and international experience from technology/ engineering, she has held several positions on the board of the Professional Women’s Network in Stockholm, supporting gender balanced leadership and helping other women to succeed in their careers by coaching and mentoring them.





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