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Alfonso Ferrández



Alfonso spent a great deal of time during his early professional life in academia, covering a number of degrees from Telecoms & Electronics through Aerospace Engineering (yes, he’s a rocket scientist) and finally ending with an MSc and a PhD in Computational Fluid Dynamics. After all that complex math and computing was in his mind, he went out to the real world, designing and building complex software solutions such as PlayStation games, Mobile Workforce applications, large scale distributed systems, Government platforms, video streaming platforms, Formula 1 telemetry and computer vision systems, massive scale IoT platforms and more recently he can be found trying to apply that experience to simplify access to healthcare worldwide. He has been associated with some of the most recognised brands out there such as Sony, Microsoft, Amazon, Formula 1 and more.


Throughout his career Alfonso has found his calling in designing and architecting software as well as growing and nurturing high performance teams of people who are as passionate and driven as he is when it comes to technology. A true geek at heart, when not doing his day job, you can probably find him co-founding startups, advising and mentoring technologists and businesses on their technology strategy or teaching kids (his and others’) how to think computationally and how to create and tinker with engineering and tech.





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