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Keynote | Technical

Deep Learning in Real Time with Open Source Frameworks

Friday 17th | 12:00 - 12:30 | Theatre 18

Keywords defining the session:

- Deep learning

- Stream processing

- Kafka

Takeaway points of the session:

- Apache Kafka’s Streams API allows to embed intelligent business logic into any external application or microservice

- Apache Kafka’s Streams API leverages Deep Learning Models (e.g. TensorFlow)


Intelligent real time applications are a game changer in any industry. Tech giants use Deep Learning e.g. for image recognition and speech translation. This session discusses some real-world scenarios from different industries to explain when and how traditional companies can leverage deep learning in real time applications. The first part introduces Deep Learning and shows how to build different Neural Networks by leveraging open source frameworks like TensorFlow or The second part shows how to deploy the built analytic models to real time applications leveraging Apache Kafka as streaming platform and the Kafka Streams API to embed the intelligent business logic into any external application or microservice.