Big Data Spain

17th ~ 18th NOV 2016 MADRID, SPAIN #BDS16

Stream Processing use cases and applications with Apache Apex

Friday 18th

from 14:25 to 15:05

Theatre 18



Stream data processing and frameworks draw attention as the emerging technology enables new big data use cases or allows for better implementation of some existing systems. Not all options are equal and for the potential user it is important to understand the difference between systems and what is important for the problem at hand.

Apache Apex is a next generation stream processing platform. Java and Hadoop based and originally developed since 2012, it aims to enable successful big data application development with lowered time to production, success in launch and focus on operability. Apex graduated to ASF top level project earlier this year. It is Java based and enables robust, correct, efficient and scalable stream processing applications with developer productivity.

In this session we will look at stream processing use cases in various spaces (IoT, ad-tech, smart energy, data ingestion and pre-processing etc.) and explain how Apex powers some of those in production, with key solution implementation details and supporting platform capabilities such as fault tolerance, exactly-once processing and partitioning.

Thomas Weise Fernández foto

Thomas Weise

The Apache Software FoundationCommitter and PMC member Apache