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Norberto Leite


Ruben Terceño



MongoDB Data Modeling Workshop

Morning | 09:00 - 13:30


Learn the best practices for creating scalable and performant MongoDB applications. Through a series of hands-on labs, participants will learn how to assess the key data access patterns for their application and design data models that support efficient read and write operations. Participants will learn to evaluate the tradeoffs among different potential data models with consideration for designing indexes, choosing optimal read preference as well as designing effective shard keys.


Six months or more developing MongoDB applications


Big Data Spain will issue the certification for this course.


This workshop is designed for developers who are already familiar with MongoDB and want to learning how to optimize MongoDB deployments, address complex design issues, and develop applications for MongoDB with fewer iterations.

Bio of the instructor:

Norberto Leite is the Curriculum Lead Engineer at MongoDB. For the past five years, Norberto has worked on scalable distributed application environments as advisor, engineer, and instructor. Prior to MongoDB Norberto served as Big Data Engineer at Telefonica.

Bio of the instructor:

Ruben has more than ten years prior to joining as Senior Solutions Architect in MongoDB experience. After completing his studies of Telecommunications Engineering in Santander his career has led him to roles in consulting, development, support and sales, working on giants like Oracle and small startups. During this time, he has worked in several countries and touched all levels of the enterprise stack from databases to applications. Since his arrival, Ruben has been responsible for southern Europe, helping customers and users to design, develop and bring reliable and scalable production systems with MongoDB. He has played a key role in some of the most innovative projects in the region. Ruben has managed to be a reference both within and outside MongoDB, helping companies of all sizes and multiple sectors to understand and seize the opportunities that technology can bring MongoDB.